Donation Amount


Our finances at a glance

Here you can find a regularly updated record of the donation income and how these financial resources are used to build a residence for the girls in Chocó and expand the Colegio Diocesano.

Before founding CASA HOGAR Deutschland e.V. all proceedings were managed by Msgr. Dr. Stefan Dückers, seminary dean of the priest seminary of Aachen and episcopal representative for the Colombian partnership, and his secretariat.

How much money has CASA HOGAR raised so far?

The current sum of all donations is € 250,000 (as of November 2017). Our proceedings emanate from various resources: more than half is donated by private persons. Charity concerts by our art ambassadors create noticeable boosts of donations.

How are the donations employed?

Central to our work is the construction of a residence for the girls in Chocó and the expansion of the Colegio Diocesano. Consequently, 95 % of the donations go towards the payment of construction costs. (In a later phase the running operational expenses of the residence and school will partially be covered by donations until both are subsistent and self-sufficient or can be carried by the small budget of the diocese Istmina-Tadó.) The construction of the residence is nearing completion whereupon the expansion of the school will be initiated.

Expenses in Colombia

From March to October 2016 CASA HOGAR sent a total of 69,081 Euro to Colombia. These funds were utilized for the ongoing construction of the residence. With the progress of the construction more money will be transferred for the next steps in a responsible and confident discourse with our partners in Colombia.

Expenses in Germany

Investments into effective publicity and outreach work are of considerable importance to our cause. Therefore, a fraction of donations is used to make CASA HOGAR known to the public and inform potential donors about CASA HOGAR and upcoming events. Goodwill work (particularly developing concepts and layouts, …) is carried out by the team of volunteers at CASA HOGAR Germany and consequently is cost-free. The account administration of CASA HOGAR is carried out free of charge by the Diocese of Aachen. The practical realization of publicity work (e.g. print of flyers and postage) are covered by donations. You can have a detailed look at our low overhead costs here:

Private Expenses (internal investments – NO use of donations)

All team members are truly committed to the cause. Therefore, not only do we contribute our expertise and time, but also some financial means. It is our maxim at CASA HOGAR that travel expenses of team members or costs for team meetings and internal events are privately financed. This diagram displays the private investments of CASA HOGAR team members and is entirely independent from donation statistics.

hould you have any questions regarding our dealings with donations don’t hesitate to contact us! We will gladly provide a detailed overview and look forward to the personal exchange. Your contact persons are Annika Reinert, Lea Herzog and Eleonora Ambrad Giovanetti.