The Plan



The charity project CASA HOGAR aims at improving the living conditions of the people living in the Colombian department of Chocó. The starting point for this endeavor is the education for young women and girls. The first central step will be the construction of a residence for 20 seven-to-twelve-year-old female students of the episcopal school Colegio Diocesano San José in Istmina. Moreover, the school building will be raised by one floor to make room for additional students.

Currently, …

…the residence is under construction and the expansion of the school building is in preparation (as of December 2016). The groundbreaking ceremony for the residence for the female students was held on February 10th 2016. Below you can find an overview of the project’s central stages up until today (excluding charity concerts):



November 2015


November 2015

Assurance about partial funding from the archdiocese Cologne and Rotary Club Euskirchen

December 2015

Start of donation campaign

February 2016

Start of residence construction

April 2016

CASA HOGAR team visits Chocó for first time

April 2016

First team weekend

September 2016

Team weekend with Bishop Julio

November 2016

Donations in sum worth €130.000 so far

March 2017

German team visits Chocó´again

May 2017

Team weekend

June 2017

Start of school expansion

June 2017

Start of school expansion

Construction of Residence

The architect of the residence, Jorge Enrique Lozano Perea, planned the individual stages of the construction, which is expected to take approximately 10 months altogether, as follows:

  1. Preparation: cleansing, flattening, leveling and terracing of the area.
  2. Excavation: necessary earthworks for the foundation.
  3. Foundation and supporting structure: execution of the concrete work for the foundation, walls and intermediate floors with special densified material.
  4. Ground: laying of the ground with concrete and steel.
  5. Masonry: consisting of clay and concrete.
  6. Roof construction: metal frame with galvanized steel section (type C).
  7. Steel contraption: construction of doors and windows, including safety bars to protect the residents.
  8. Electric equipment: lines and connections.
  9. Water lines and sanitation facilities: fresh water supply and sewer system as well as procurement and installation of sanitary facilities.
  10. Completion: plastering.