Our finances

To help you keep track of what happens with your donations, on this page you will find an overview of our funding and annual statements, how much money we have raised and how we have used these funds.

How does CASA HOGAR achieve the greatest possible impact in Colombia?

The foundation of our financing is laid by our loyal private donors. Based on this, CASA HOGAR can raise additional funds for the work in the Chocó by cooperating with other organisations. And through close and trustful cooperation with the project partners in Chocó, additional funds are added locally to cover the needs for the respective measures.

Voluntary expenses

A special type of “income” are the voluntary expenses of the members of CASA HOGAR, for example for travels or team meetings, which are paid by each person himself. Every year several thousand Euros are added up, which the volunteer team uses for the goals of CASA HOGAR.

We would like to thank

our loyal private donors and

  • the German Embassy in Bogotà
  • the Archbishopric of Cologne
  • the Rotary Club Euskirchen
  • the association ‘Ferner Nächster’
  • the ‘Panamahile Harvixbeck’
  • the ‘Initiative Teilen’

for their support

Where exactly does CASA HOGAR use the donations?

Detailed information on the projects in which CASA HOGAR is involved can be found on the projects page.

Impact in Colombia

The aim of all measures is to support girls and young women and their families in particular, and to strengthen their capacity for sustainable self-help and independence in Chocó.

We present supported projects on the projects page.

Expenditure in Germany

In Germany, it is mainly the managing office that is financed, without which the extensive commitment of CASA HOGAR would not be possible. Here, for example, the necessary project applications are prepared, the use of funds is organised and communication between Colombia and Germany is coordinated.

All other activities in the background (e.g. accounting, member support, web and print design, IT) are carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis.

Financial overviews

If you have any questions regarding our handling of the donations, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to inform you personally and in detail and look forward to the exchange.