With their professional support CASA HOGAR’s partners add considerably to our success. They are experts in their line of work and use their skills to contribute to CASA HOGAR on an honorary basis. Their commitment is as versatile as are they; they insert their individual proficiencies, their experience, their resources and their networks – all of it for a good cause.

Angelika Huber

… has been working as a freelance cinematographer since 1999. She is a trained photographer with a degree from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Her work has received several awards and ranges from short to image films to animations and documentaries.

… has been working as a freelance cinematographer since 1999. She is a trained photographer with a degree from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Her work has received several awards and ranges from short to image films to animations and documentaries.

Visit Angelika Huber’s Homepage

Luis Reichard

Luis Reichard creates CASA HOGAR’s sound. He is a studied jazz trumpet player, pianist, producer, composer and currently a referent at the Catholic University Cologne. In his projects he combines sacred music, jazz music, classical music and electronic music to an individual, deep and meaningful avant-garde-pop-sound.

As of recent the press described REFUGIUM, his musical rendering of mass, as “religious-spiritual artistic synthesis” and his classical crossover album “Noch:Schon – Musik an der Schwelle” as “fine and constructive sound art”. For CASA HOGAR, he equips trailers, establishing shots and bigger film projections with atmospheric sounds in congenial collaboration with Angelika Huber.

Luis’ Label Acoustic Motion Concepts (AMC), residing in Cologne, produces extravagant music albums where every detail is approached affectionately and methodically at the same time – from extraordinary recording locations to unique recording and playback techniques to the music itself.

Find out more about:
Luis Reichard’s label AMC
Luis’ project MoveDove
KHG Cologne

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Walter Bruchhausen

Walter Bruchhausen is a distinguished scientific expert in the field of developmental aid and lends CASA HOGAR his support as a mentor in fundamental theoretical questions as well as problem solving of concrete issues.

Walter is a physician, ethnologist, medical historian, and medical ethicist. He was active as a medical doctor in Ruanda after the civil war and led a humanitarian emergency relief in Banda Aceh after the tsunami in 2004. His scientific work deals with medical emergency relief, developmental aid and global health. He is the assistant director of the institute for history, theory and ethics of medicine at the university hospital Aachen – and on an unrelated note he is also a greatly enjoyable companion.

Natalie und André DiPalma

DiPalma-Catering, located in Cologne, is Natalie and André DiPalma’s business. Both of them are top chefs known for their refined menu compositions, their impeccable skills and, above all, their kindness and joviality.

It’s easy to see that Natalie and André care just as much about their customers as they do about the dishes they serve. Good menus mean more than just high-quality ingredients to them. Customers such as the Kölner Gürzenich Orchester, the railway company HKX, and the neuroscientific technology platform Life&Brain, Junited Autoglass enjoy their creative and delicious menu compositions. And since December 2016 diPalma-Catering has been offering charitable cooking classes for CASA HOGAR.

Stefan Dückers

Monsignor Dr. Stefan Dückers is many things: dean of the seminary Aachen, referent of the order and secular institute of the diocese Aachen and, most important to us, commissary for the partnership between the diocese Aachen and Colombia since 2008. He has accumulated years of experience in clerical developmental cooperation in general and with Colombia in particular.

We contacted Dr. Dückers prior to the kick-off of CASA HOGAR as expert and potential intermediary. Not only was he interested in our at that time still comparatively inarticulate cause. He also assured us comprehensive structural support – a promise that he has lived up to until today. The diocese Aachen showed impressive administrative support for CASA HOGAR, especially in the early phases. This allowed us to focus our energy on the things that matter, namely efficient aid for the children in Chocó. Even after the foundation of CASA HOGAR e.V., which separated us legally from the diocese Aachen, Stefan Dückers continues to be on hand with help and advice for our team.

Visit the homepage of the Colombian partnership of the diocese Aachen

Signum Fair Jewels

Signum Fair Jewels is a small jewellery manufacture in the Swiss Rhine Valley. With dedication they produce high quality jewellery from clean and sustainably produced raw materials. Among other things, they use ecofair washed gold from Finland and Max Havelaar Fairtrade Gold. Besides elegant and timeless jewellery, wedding and engagement rings, they also produce the HeartCoins:

A heart project in which Signum Fair Jewels supports the dreams of girls and women in the Chocó, as around 50 percent of the sales price of the Heartcoin pendants is donated to CASA HOGAR. A part of Signum’s annual profit also goes to CASA HOGAR.

So if you are thinking about buying a tasteful piece of jewellery, and at the same time want to do good and not support exploitative plunderers of natural resources, you will find double and triple support in the HeartCoins from Signum Fair Jewels.

HeartCoin pendant