The charity project CASA HOGAR aims at improving living conditions of the mostly indigenous and underprivileged people of the Colombian Chocó. The path to this goal starts with providing better education for young women and girls – whereby education means not only providing access to schools but above all contributing to personal growth and therewith creating new perspectives. We see ourselves as companions on this journey. We want to understand the needs and ideas of the local people and encourage them to translate these into concrete projects and solutions. We assist during this process and the realization of their projects.

Our initial project is a residence for girls in Istmina that live in too remote regions to visit secondary schools without help. Residents will receive a scholarship for the renowned school ‘Colegio Diocesano San José’. The construction of this residence has already begun, and the first residents have already moved in. Both the structural and qualitative expansion of the Colegio Diocesano San José are also in progress. This means that hereafter students can acquire the university entrance qualification at this school.

In line with the idea of holistic education workshops that focus on important topics such as gender equality and creating equal opportunities are offered – yet without generally excluding boys.



November 2018

Advisory grant from StartSocial for the professionalization of CASA HOGAR

September 2018

Bishop Mario de Jesús visits Germany

August 2018

Constitution of the foundation CASA HOGAR Istmina

July 2018

A CASA HOGAR team visits Chocó

June 2018

Establishing a main office of CASA HOGAR Deutschland e.V.

March 2018

Bishop Mario de Jesús takes over the diocese Istmina-Tado

February 2018

Admission of first 5 students to Casa Hogar Istmina (in a small flat which is provided by the diocese as an interim solution)

January 2018

A CASA HOGAR team visits Chocó

November 2017

Constitution of the proper association CASA HOGAR Germany e.V.

September 2017

Construction of a lunch gazebo in Pángala

September 2017

Film workshop focusing on the role of women

August 2017

Equipment of the computer room in Colegio Diocesano San José

March 2017

Halt of the construction of the residence Casa Hogar Istmina due to serious structural defects

March 2017

A CASA HOGAR team visits Chocó

September 2016

Bishop Julio visits Germany, charity concert with all art ambassadors

April 2016

First team weekend (henceforth biannually)

April 2016

A CASA HOGAR team visits Chocó

February 2016


December 2015

Start of donation campaign in Innsbruck, Cologne and Euskirchen

November 2015

November 2015