tangible and direct

CASA HOGAR wants to provide tangible help in one of the most problematic regions of South America. We want to improve the living conditions for women in the Chocó by means of education. Our work is being carried out effectively by a local team in Colombia (for the most part employees of the diocese Istmina-Tado) and a team in Germany consisting exclusively of volunteers. Thanks to today’s communication channels and the good Spanish language skills of many CASA HOGAR team members in Germany, the exchange between the two teams is as lively as it is direct.

Donations reach the construction and/or operation of the residential building through the Pax Bank, and the Diocese of Aachen assists in processing these donations. Organizational costs, such as costs for printing flyers, are kept as low as possible and partly billed via special donations.

creative, dynamic, collaborative

The team of CASA HOGAR consists of a group of committed and enthusiastic young people who distribute the work amongst themselves. Each team member contributes their skills and everyone is willing to help where ever work is needed: In Colombia, it’s all about construction, operation and recruitment of personnel whereas in Germany it is mostly about fundraising, controlling, etc. Decision are made, setbacks are talked over and next steps and adjustments decided in constant exchange between the teams.

Through regular internal e-mails, telephone calls and Skype conferences, all team members keep one other up to date regardless of their respective locations throughout Germany. This way, new ideas can be introduced to the process quickly and important decisions can be made and communicated easily. Regular team meetings in spring and autumn, where everyone finally gets together in person, ensure additional inspiration and motivation.

transparent and fair

CASA HOGAR discloses every step of this project and keeps you informed about progress and news. On our homepage we regularly publish the current donation status, the exact use of donations and inform about the progress in Istmina. We aim at full transparency and are pragmatic with regard to our goals – and most important to us: we treat the people we want to support with respect.

visionary but realistic

The long-term goal of CASA HOGAR to improve the living conditions of the poor and underprivileged in Chocó is ambitious. However, very tangible steps lead the way: the undergoing construction of the residential building, its commissioning and finally the increase of the school operation from 200 to 500 students through the expansion of the school building. Figuratively speaking: CASA HOGAR does not build swimming pools for everyone, but offers the urgently needed supplies for a diving board into education, autonomy and participation. The goal and purpose of all our work is very clear and without detour: we want to support the girls in the Chocó in their quest to liberate themselves from the vicious circle they live in.

ideologically neutral

CASA HOGAR welcomes everyone who wishes to contribute to the project as a donor, team member or multiplier of sorts – no matter which driving force brings you to us. Anyone contributing with a Christian conviction is equally welcome as anyone contributing for humanistic reasons or simply for the fulfillment of helping a good cause. What matters is not why we get together, but the common goal we share: a home for the girls that promises security and a decent life, and the expansion of the school which leads to education and involvement in society. In short: we at CASA HOGAR get together to support the people in Chocó.

Here you can read about our goal and our way of working in formal german language: Statutes CASA HOGAR Germany e.V.