Foundation BeA supports “Quinceañeras empoderadas”

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Gracias al apoyo de la Fundación BeA, este año podemos llevar a cabo nuestro proyecto "Quinceañeras empoderadas" en Chocó.

Cooperation with the BeA Foundation

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"Helping people to help themselves". That is what unites CASA HOGAR and the BeA Foundation. We are very excited about the one-year cooperation.

Private audience with Pope Franziskus

"Women can change entire civilizations.... CASA HOGAR is taking exactly the right approach." With these words, Pope Francis concluded the private audience he granted us at the Vatican on June 4, 2022.

For Christmas: The donation gift

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Donations gifts in favor of CASA HOGAR help girls and women in Chocó, who suffer from poverty and violence, to a better future. Now even easier via PayPal!
Murcy Fotografía

Introducing Sally Asprilla, director of the student residential homes of CASA HOGAR

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For over 30 years, Sally Asprilla worked in education in the Chocó. Today, she manages the student residence of CASA HOGAR. On her 58th birthday, we introduce the dedicated social worker.