FAQ – Overview of CASA HOGAR



Founded in Germany, CASA HOGAR is an initiative for development work that focuses on women’s education in Colombia. For us, this means not only access to school education. By providing a holistic education for personal development, girls and women should be empowered to fulfill their goals in life in a self-determined way – in the long run allowing an improvement of living conditions. Our work should benefit the underprivileged and discriminated population, in this case mainly the Afrocolombian and the indigenous population in Chocó.


What started as a loose group of individuals is now an effectively operating, registered association that works mostly on a voluntary basis. Currently, in addition to two full-time employees, about 100 volunteers are active for CASA HOGAR – in Germany, Austria, Colombia and of course on site in Chocó.


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Where exactly is CASA HOGAR active?

The target area of CASA HOGAR is the entire region Chocó in Colombia – one of the poorest regions of Colombia. Chocó is one of the 32 Departamentos (= political administrative areas) of Colombia and lies in the northwest of the country, at the border to Panama. Despite large gold deposits, Chocó is marked by poverty. We have carried out projects in the towns of Istmina and Quibdó, but also in rural areas. We are thus deliberately working in a challenging environment in which only a few international organisations have been active to date.


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Why does CASA HOGAR specifically support girls?

Everyday life in Colombia, especially in rural areas like Chocó, is characterized by a very traditional model of society with a patriarchal attitude and machismo. Educating women and strengthening the role of women is essential in breaking up these patriarchal social structures. By promoting the personal development of women, their social esteem can change. Not without reason an old proverb says, “If you educate a girl, you will educate a whole nation”. Promoting gender equality and creating equal opportunities for girls and young women are core priorities of CASA HOGAR – yet without generally excluding boys from our offers.


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Who does CASA HOGAR work with?

Our partners are primarily non-governmental actors and organizations, small initiatives, Comunidades and ecclesiastical organizations such as religious communities in Chocó. We expect all partners to identify with the cause of CASA HOGAR Deutschland e.V.. The prerequisite for financial support is the public benefit. We maintain a close partnership with the diocese of Istmina-Tadó which has created the “Fundacíon CASA HOGAR Istmina” as part of our cooperation.

We remain neutral in the political landscape and towards various illegal groups. We respect the areas of responsibility of the state and do not interfere with its field of activities.


How are the donations utilized?

CASA HOGAR’s long-term goal is to improve the living conditions of the people of Chocó – through education of young women and girls.


One cornerstone of CASA HOGAR is the house “Casa Hogar Niña María”, which has been established as a girls’ residence, and which is to develop into a meeting place and fill with offers for the whole community. The extension of the renowned bishop’s school “Colegio Diocesano San Jose” in Istmina is part of this project, as the school grants scholarships to the girls living in Casa Hogar Niña María. In addition, holistic educational offers for the residents are supported. Complementary, we support a similar proyect for female university students, the residence “Casa Hogar La Paz”.


Beyond that, projects dedicated to the education of girls and women in other regions of Chocó are also supported. We fund these local projects and ideas with donations acquired in Germany. If our means are not sufficient, we will – as far as possible – refer our partners to other funding organizations and support them in developing the concepts of their projects.


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Where can I find out more about the current status of projects?

Our website provides updates on the current status of our projects at regular intervals.


On our blog you will find reports about the latest developments in Colombia as well as current information about our events in Germany.


On Facebook you can also find out more about CASA HOGAR and beyond from the world of life in Colombia.


Does my donation really reach the projects in Colombia?

CASA HOGAR is based first and foremost on the tireless efforts of many volunteers. This means that most of the donations reach those who need your help. The intensification and expansion of our projects in Chocó and the associated growth of the team in Germany, however, presented us with challenges that could no longer be met solely with voluntary work. Thus, today, two full-time employees are working hard to ensure efficient processes and structures. These positions allow CASA HOGAR to ensure that projects continue to run efficiently and purposefully and that support reaches those for whom we are all committed.


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How are trips to Colombia financed?

Successful development cooperation requires regular, personal contact and dialogue at eye level. For this reason, team members from CASA HOGAR travel to Colombia on a regular basis.

During frecuent stays of several months, our project coordinator ensures adequate support and monitoring of existing projects, expands our network and initiates new cooperations. These expenses are borne by the office.
If volunteers travel with us, they cover all their travel costs themselves.


Can I get involved with CASA HOGAR?

CASA HOGAR is pleased not only about financial support, but welcomes your commitment as well!


The CASA HOGAR team consists of dedicated volunteers who are friendly and enthusiastic about their shared CASA HOGAR cause. Tasks are shared among the team.


If you would also like to get involved, e.g. in office work, translations into English/Spanish, IT support, public relations, design for web/print or contact to Colombia, please send us an e-mail to info@casa-hogar.de or use the contact form.

How can I donate?

CASA HOGAR’s activities are dependent on donations. If you donate online, you even have the option of donating anonymously if you do not require a donation receipt.

I have not received feedback after donating.

CASA HOGAR endeavors giving direct feedback to our donors and keeping them informed about the progress of projects. If you have not received any feedback after making a donation, there may be various reasons for this. In this case we ask you to contact us by e-mail at spendenquittung@casa-hogar.de.

I need a donation receipt retrospectively.

We are happy to issue a receipt for your donation at a later time point. Simply contact us by email at spendenquittung@casa-hogar.de.