Opening of the dormitory for female students in the Chocó capital Quibdó: “CASA HOGAR La Paz”

“CASA HOGAR La Paz” is, so to speak, the continuation of “CASA HOGAR Nina María”: A dormitory for students from remote areas who want to go to the university in Quibdó, but have no familiar means that would allow them to do so.

14 young women from the most remote regions of Chocó have been living there since the beginning of October 2020. You can attend the university with a scholarship and at the same time receive a safe home in the dormitory as well as psychosocial support. It is also an essential part of the dormitory that the young women / girls independently develop a social project in order to bring their skills back to their communities.

This project has had an enormous impact on the lives of these young women, their families and their communities, especially since only 37% of young people in Chocó graduate from school and only 23% gain access to university.

We are very happy to be able to support the dreams of these 14 women and look forward to seeing how they develop into leaders and how they will sustainably contribute to the development of Chocó in the long term!


Start date: October 2020

Location: Quibdó

Project partner: Fundación La Paz

Costs: € 15,831 / year