“Apoyo psicosocial” · Psychological support for girls in Chocó

Where in Istmina are drugs sold? Which streets should young girls avoid because paramilitaries or criminals are on the move? And what can the girls do if they are physically threatened or sexually exploited? These are fierce, terrible and sometimes devastating questions that preoccupied the 100 girls aged between six and 17 who took part in our “Apoyo psicosocial” project. But exactly those questions correspond to the reality of the girls’ lives.

Within the framework of our project “Apoyo psicosocial”, one hundred girls from Istmina spent a year exchanging information about everyday threats such as crime, drug use and sexual abuse – under the guidance of educators.

The project was carried out by the diocese of Istmina-Tadó and supported by CASA HOGAR and the children’s missionary organisation “Die Sternsinger”. Together, 42,000 euros were raised for the project. The workshops with the children and young people ran for over a year and usually took place twice a week. The project was completed in July 2020.

The participating girls all live in economically disadvantaged areas of Istimina which are overshadowed by crime. Many of them were driven out of their villages and ended up in Istmina. They met regularly in small groups to talk with teachers and social workers about the risks of their everyday life. Within the framework of the project, they worked out solutions to the threats in a playful way and strengthened their self-confidence by talking about values such as family, friendship or solidarity.


Period: July 2019- July 2020

Place: Istmina

Project partner: Children’s Missionary Society ‘Die Sternsinger’ e.V.

Project partner in Colombia: Diocese of Istmina-Tadó

Costs: 42.300,- € (financed)