The completely unexpected and nightly flooding by the river San Juan

called for acute humanitarian emergency aid in February 2019 in a particularly affected area near Istmina. CASA HOGAR Deutschland did not want to leave its project partner—the diocese of Istmina-Tadó—alone in this situation and—despite the lack of focus on girls and education—wanted to make a contribution to vital resources. Everyone was affected by this situation and first of all people had to be safe again before they could get involved in long-term change processes.

Bebedó is a place that can only be reached by a one-hour boat trip across a river. The village lives—controlled by illegal armed groups—in extreme poverty without virtual contact and connection to other areas of the Chocó. The completely unexpected and rapid overflowing of the San Juan River on a larger scale than ever before robbed many of the villagers of their few possessions. National relief supplies are sent to Istmina, but do not even reach Bebedó due to the need in Istmina itself—although the need there is even greater due to its remoteness.

Project objective: The diocese of Istmina-Tadó tried to provide necessary relief supplies in the form of food, medicine, household items such as pots, buckets, etc. to Bebedó, but could only be brought for about 25 families. CASA HOGAR doubled the number of beneficiary families and made relief supplies available for another 25 families in Bebedó.

Place: Bebedó

Project partner: Fundación Casa Hogar Istmina

Costs: 3.000 € (financed)

Project completion: May 2019