In a video workshop with young people on the role of women

ten young people from Istmina explored the role and significance of women and recorded their own thoughts in the form of a short video.

The Chocó—still largely controlled by rebel groups and marked by unrest, states of emergency and fear—also lives in great poverty and macho structures. Many women become mothers in childhood out of ignorance or in continuation of structural patterns, without knowing or considering their own value and possible alternative life paths.

Project objective: The topic of the „role of women in society“ was worked on with ten young people and the script for a short film was written together with them, in which the self-esteem of women and alternative life models are illustrated. During the shooting phase of the workshop, the young people themselves played the roles, directed and operated the camera. By documenting the workshop in a short film, the workshop is intended to keep the theme of the role of women and alternative ways of life alive not only among the ten young people, but also beyond.

Place: Istmina

Project partner: Colegio Diocesano San José und CASA HOGAR Istmina

Costs: 1.750 € (financed)

Project completion: September 2017

Deutsche Untertitel:

English subtitles: