December 5: International Volunteer Day

It will soon be that time again: On December 5, volunteerism will be honored in numerous places. It will be encouraged to work together with the many volunteers worldwide for a good cause. The “International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development” – the somewhat awkward official name – was proclaimed by the United Nations in 1985.

We would like to use the occasion of Volunteer Day to say thank you to you, dear supporters of CASA HOGAR!

Thanks to your help, we are now able to offer girls and young women from the Chocó region safe accommodation in four dormitories and enable them to attend school and study. In this way, you are not only helping female students to escape poverty and violence. Education for young Chocóan women is also a crucial tool in improving the living conditions of people in the region.

International Volunteer Day offers many opportunities to share your commitment to CASA HOGAR with others. Numerous cities and municipalities, church communities, associations, non-governmental organizations, businesses and clubs organize events and activities on December 5 to make voluntary commitment visible, to honor it and to promote it. We are looking forward to hearing about CASA HOGAR and your support for the girls and women in Chocó.

Thank you very much and have a joyful Volunteer Day!