BeA Foundation supports Quinceañeras empoderadas in Chocó

Today we would like to tell you about a wonderful partnership that fills us with great joy. Thanks to the generous support of the BeA Stiftung, we are able to implement our project “Quinceañeras empoderadas” in Chocó this year. The BeA Foundation has set itself an admirable mission: it wants to inspire people worldwide – and also in Germany – to let themselves be touched by the needs of others and to become a saving angel for those in need through donations. This is not a mere exercise in duty, but about helping others in difficult life situations out of gratitude for one’s own happiness and prosperity.

At CASA HOGAR, we share this vision wholeheartedly and are grateful that the BeA Foundation supports us in empowering and enabling young women in Chocó. This year, three schools are participating in our project. The female students from CASA HOGAR La Paz will accompany the teachers in planning the future of a total of 90 students and discuss relevant topics for the young people. Both the teachers and the students will receive further training in various topics.

This project is particularly close to our hearts because it enables the schoolgirls to stand up for young women and girls in their home communities and give them a hopeful future.

A big thank you also goes to the three schools, I.E Normal Superior Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes (Istmina), I. E. Domingo Savio (Quibdó) and I.E. Andres Bello (Istmina), who opened their doors and thus made the implementation of the project possible.

We wish the pupils, teachers and students much joy and success in the implementation of the project!

Let us look forward together to the news from Chocó!