„Vamos a construir paz“ *) – an inner-Colombian intercultural exchange

brought the inhabitants of „Casa Hogar Niña María” as well as students of a private school in Bogotá closer together. They learned about the different life situations and yet similar life dreams in their common home country.

Within Colombia, the living conditions in Chocó and the living conditions in Bogotá could not be more different: The Chocó with illegal groups, and brutal expulsions and bloody conflicts, the modern capital of businessmen with increasing security and flourishing cultural scene. However, not only is the Chocó isolated from the rest of the country because of the insecure and explosive situation, but it is also geographically difficult to reach in practice. Thus, neither for the inhabitants of the Chocó the life in the capital Bogotá, nor for the capitals the life in the Chocó is really imaginable.

The jointly written story (PDF, 44 pages, spanish and german)

Project objectives: The project aimed to bring the inhabitants of these different regions of Colombia closer together. Via Skype conversations the inhabitants of Casa Hogar Niña María in Istmina and the students of the Colegio Ferván Campestre near Bogotá served as ambassadors of their region.

In conversation they learned about and from the situation of their fellow men living far away and at the same time experienced what they had in common and similar desires despite their so different lives.They recorded their ideas, visions and dreams in a story they wrote together („Un cuento viajero“), part of which was written by students of the Colegio Ferván and another part by the residents of the Casa Hogar Niña María residence. In this way, the young people should begin the path to peace together.

In this way, the young people should begin the path to peace together.

Places: Istmina and Bogotá

Project partner: Colegio Ferván Campestre near Bogotá and CASA HOGAR in Istmina

Costs: 0,- €

Project completion: December 2018


*) = „We will make peace“