Small pendant, big contribution – a heart for CASA HOGAR


CASA HOGAR is happy about many supporters.

A very special one is Sabine Hellmann. Together with her family business SIGNUM FAIR JEWELS, she is committed to the girls in the Chocó – and with a lot of passion.

The Swiss jewellery manufacturer has come up with a special creation for this purpose: the Signum HeartCoins. Around half of the sales price goes to CASA HOGAR!

The lovingly crafted coins are made of the finest material: namely Max Havelaar Fairtrade pure gold 999.9 from South America or recycled silver. The handmade HeartCoins are available in smaller (approx. 2.5 g) and larger (approx. 5 g) versions. You can also choose between different embossed subjects:

  • The heart (as symbol of love)
  • The shield (as a symbol of protection)
  • “Colombia” (the bird – as Colombia’s landmark).
  • Or from the four elements: drop (water), wing (air), flame (fire) and leaf (earth)

All coins have a keyhole in the middle, which stands for curiosity and for opening up new worlds without prejudice. A really great message!

For Sabine and her family it is important to make a contribution. They do so not only with their company and their work, which is characterised by the highest quality, transparency, sustainability and responsibility towards nature and people, but also through their support of CASA HOGAR.

Thank you, dear SIGNUM team, for your support!


* * *

Overview of the models:


HeartCoin small in 999.9 Max Havelaar Fairtrade Gold: approx. 2.5g/9.5mm diameter
available subjects: heart, shield, drop, wing, flame, leaf
550 CHF*

HeartCoin large in 999.9 Max Havelaar Fairtrade Gold: approx. 5g/14mm diameter
heart, shield, Colombia (bird)
960 CHF*


HeartCoin small made of recycled silver: approx. 1.2g/9.5mm
available subjects: heart, shield
120 CHF*

HeartCoin large recycled silver: approx. 4g/14mm
available subjects: heart, shield
150 CHF*


*plus 20 CHF shipping costs within Switzerland, to Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria

Order directly via the homepage, by phone +41765584132 or by e-mail to