Cabeza de Hogar – Corona emergency aid in Chocó

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The corona crisis in Colombia is already having a devastating effect on the population in the Chocó region, even before the virus has reached an uncontrolled outbreak.

Therefore, CASA HOGAR has already started a first project in close and intensive cooperation of all CASA HOGAR teams in Chocó, Cali and Germany: CASA HOGAR supports families in Chocó, who are no longer able to go about their daily work due to the precautions and consequences of Corona, have no savings and do not receive any state aid. With the help of food parcels they should be enabled to spend periods of quarantine and isolation really at home and not be confronted with the decision “hunger or infection”.

The primary target group is single mothers who have to pay for their children and parent generation. The families live in Istmina and in remote rural areas. In the countryside, the need is aggravated in that there is currently no public transport connection to the city and at the same time no relief supplies are getting there. The project will be managed by our project partner Fundación CASA HOGAR Istmina and will be carried out in close cooperation with local activists and authorities. This ensures that the measures really reach those who cannot be reached by any other means.


Details on the page about the relief measures against COVID-19 by CASA HOGAR.

Current situation in Chocó

Donations to CASA HOGAR help to ensure that it does not have to be a one-off action and that we can all overcome the crisis together.

Information about COVID in Colombia (spanish)
Information about COVID in Chocó (spanish)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]